CCL performs well at National HS Championship


The top CCL finishers in the National HS tournament were Maggie Feng, Chris Shen, and Vikram Srivastava VikramLukeMaggieNHSwho each scored 5.5/7, finishing in a tie for 10th place.  Based on tiebreaks, they finished in 24th, 26th, and 27th places respectively.   I am hopeful for a CCL National HS champion in the future as these 3 players are in 8th, 5th, and 9th grades.

We had a very fine finish by 3rd grader Emma Cheng in the U-1600EmmaNHS section who tied for 2nd place with 5 wins, 1 draw, and 1 bye.  Also of note was a nice tournament by Mark Carroll who gained 157 rating points and Dominic Mayhew who gained 113 rating points.

The complete cross-tables for this tournament can be found at:

CCL dominates at Queen City, again

As was expected, there is no program that can compete with CCL. Although most of the top players in CCL stayed away from the fast time control, enough attended to secure CCL most of the tournament’s top awards.  The top CCL awards in the Open sections were:

K-12 individual – 1st place individual – Luke Xie

K-12 team – 1st place by winning 6 of the top 8 individual spots

Queen City K-12

7-9 individual – 2nd place – Victor Lim

7-9 team – 2nd place

4-6 individual – tie for 1st (Justin Wu, Dakshin Pisini, Aditya Jambhale, Ethan Ferkins, Karthik Kallam, Dominic Mayhew)

4-6 team – 1st place by winning 6 of the top 7 spots.

K-3 individual – 1st place – Ethan Fang

K-3 team – 1st place – top 3 individual finishers

Queen City K-3



Luke Xie becomes CCL’s 5th Master

Congratulations to 7th grader Luke XLuke at Queen Cityie for becoming the 5th CCL student to earn a national masters rating of over 2200.  Preceding Luke was John Hughes, Walker Griggs, Maggie Feng, and Chris Shen.  Luke earned his master’s rating by winning the Queen City Classic, sweeping the field 5-0.  Click here to see his last round win vs. fellow CCL student, Vikram Srivastava, when they were both 4-0 and competing for the title.

CCL comes up on top in Ohio HS and MS Championships

Vikram and Aristo

Our latest Ohio 2015 Champions:
High School – Vikram Srivastava
Middle School – Aristo Liu

Without a lost game among them, Vikram and Aristo represented CCL well at the state HS and MS championships.  Now Vikram has earned the right to represent Ohio at the National Denker tournament while Aristo has earned the right to represent Ohio at the National Barber tournament. Last year Vikram won the Middle School Championship and competed in the Barber tournament. Complete results are posted at .

The Midwest Open Team Festival (MOTCF) was also held last weekend where CCL teams won Silver, Bronze, and U-1600.