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We are:

  • a truly individualized approach to chess instruction
  • specializing, but not limited to, the advanced chess student
  • all coaches have earned at least a national Master’s ranking, many with International titles
  • the home of the top young chess talent in Ohio
  • where improvement is about more than just becoming a better chess player
  • over the board locations are in the Columbus and Cincinnati areas
  • Internet lessons provided around the globe, primarily by our sister group Online Chess Lessons
  • Restructured Pre-CCL program.  Please click on Pre-CCL for more details.

All of the coaches in this program work together. Often a student works with multiple coaches simultaneously. This is a team effort, where our motto is, “The kid always comes first.” I believe that our work is of value and all of our services are totally guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with any of our services, there is no cost. Take your time and click on all of the sections on the left. If there is anything that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. The legal name of CCL is ‘Columbus Chess Lessons LLC’ as Columbus, Ohio is our city of origin.

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Goran’s Group is also offering high level Internet based chess instruction to adults.

Latest News

CCL Chess Camp 5 – An Emphasis on Endgames

Saturday and Sunday      November  1st – 2nd
(with extended times, now going until 5:30 PM)

This is the second in our series of Tag-Team chess camps.  There will be two International Master chess coaches giving the lessons, moving from group to group.  There is a greater value in this approach as the students can learn chess from two different accomplished coaches, who each have their own perspective on the game.   It is the CCL way to provide the very best in everything that we do.  In these camps, there will be a U-1400 and an O-1400 group, with 6 periods across the two days.   Please pack a lunch to eat during a game playing break in the middle of the camp.  These camps are only open to CCL, Pre-CCL, and the Mulligan Chess Clubs members.

Space is limited to these camps and they are both first come, first serve.

Date:  November  1st – 2nd (Saturday – Sunday)
Time:  9:30 – 5:30, total of 16 hours (two hours longer than previous camps)
Place:  Ramada Plaza Hotel and Convention Center; 4900 Sinclair Road; Columbus, Ohio   43229
Salon AB and Salon C

At every chess camp, we try to improve on the one before it.  At the last camp, the number one concern was the short time control for the tournament games (which start at a prescribed position).  I believe we had 10 rounds of g/10 games.   At this camp we will be having 8 rounds of g/20 d/5.  Although there will be two less games, the games will take a couple of more hours to complete, so we added two hours to the length of the camp so as not to effect the total amount of lecture time.  We also changed from 6 sessions to 4 sessions.  Since this camp is on endgames, a moderate level of depth into these topics may not be enough for a significant gain.  By extending the lecture times on these topics we feel much more comfortable that the students will leave this camp as significantly better endgame players than when they entered.  We also have a small period at the end of each camp where the students can come to the coaches with individual concerns and questions.  We will keep our tag-team approach from the last camp, where both coaches work with both groups, which we felt was very effective.  We value your feedback in helping us to continue to improve our processes.

50% discounts to 2nd child from the same family, retirees and to participants coming from outside of Ohio.

100% money back if you cannot make it to the camp, for any reason.

Registration is now open

Cost per camp:

Two day = $219
One day = $119

Registration with credit cards online at http://cclchess.com/payments-chess-camp/ ‎ or with check via mail to:

Alan Casden
7520 Deer Crossing Court
Worthington, Ohio   43085

Any questions can be addressed to:

(614) 561-2718