CCL Performs well at the 2015 Cardinal Open

The Open section at the Cardinal Open was very strong with a number of visiting Grandmasters. Walker Griggs kept his good form of late, coming in tied for 3rd and bringing his rating up to 2357. Strong performance by young CCL players, Luke Xie and Chris Shen, have brought them close to becoming Chess Masters with ratings of 2182 and 2162 respectively.

In the U-2100 section, Abhi Ramaswamy came in clear 1st place, netting him a very nice $806. Chess is such an odd game, a week earlier Abhi had one of his worst tournaments in a while and this week he had one of his best tournaments in a while. It just shows that in chess you can turn on a dime, as long as you can keep the proper mental attitude. Don’t carry your loses forward to your next contest, accept it as part of the game and come back for the next game fresh and ready to focus. Om Borkar had a very strong event, coming in tied for 2nd place.

In the U-1800 section, Matthew Yuan continued his hot streak of late by coming in clear 2nd place with 4.5 points. Finishing a ½ point behind Matthew for a tie for 3rd place were Shourjya Ghosh and Elton Cao.

In the U-1500 section, Udbhav (aka Oliver) Raghukanth stomped out all resistance with a clear 1st place finish, giving him a bunch of $$$. Udbhav joined CCL a few months ago and brought his rating up almost 500 points in that time. And this is not a fluke, he is for real. He has the combination of talent and hard work, that as we know nothing is more dangerous. Coming in a tie for 2nd, a ½ point back, was Sanjay Medicherla. This could be the breakout tournament that Sanjay needed to start a new climb.

Meghana wins the 2015 Maryland All-Girls Championship

Meghana All-Girls MD champion
Meghana Bhanuprasad wins the Maryland All-Girls Championship

Meghana All-Girls MD championCongratulations to Meghana in sweeping the field to win the Maryland All-Girls Chess Championship.  She will get $500 support to represent Maryland in the National All Girls invitational Tournament in Phoenix, AZ in July.   So now we will have Emily win Pennsylvania, and one of many to win the Ohio All-Girls and we can have a CCL get together in Arizona this July.  It is very exciting to see CCL’s success across the United States.  Hopefully this will lead to a National Girls Champion for CCL.


2nd place finishes for Vincent Baker and Jason Wang at 2014 National Grade Levels

2nd place 2014 National Grade level Chmp 6th gradeOnly 3 CCL players made the trip for the National Grade Level Championships this year: defending 2nd grade champion Jason Wang, Vincent Baker and Aristo Liu.  In this 7 round event, things looked pretty good after 5 rounds.  Jason was 5-0. while Vincent and Aristo were both at 4.5-.5.   However round 6 proved to be tough for the CCL team with both Jason and Aristo losing, while Vincent drew.  In the final round Jason and Vincent both won, allowing them to finish with very strong 6-1 scores.   This allowed Jason to tie for 2nd place in 3rd grade while Vincent tied for 2nd in 6th grade.  They all represented CCL very well.  To the right is the only picture that I received, of Vincent with his trophy.

CCL Dominates at 2014 Ohio Grade Levels – Again!

After last year’s total dominance at the Ohio Grade Levels, I was ready for a slight let down this year.  Wrong!  You almost never let me down finishing with what may be an even greater show of chess power than last year.  There were so many strong performances at the Grade Levels that it is impossible to report them all.  With the exception of one player (who scored 4-1) all of the CCL players were in grades 2 -9.  In those grades we won every grade level championship and when there were co-champions, every co-champion was a CCL player.   How clearly you have separated yourself from the rest of the state.  For the sake of modesty, I am only going to list the CCL grade level champions.

Grade 2 Champion = Ethan Fang

Grade 3 Champion = Jason Wang

Grade 4 Champion = Karthik Kallan (he just graduated from  Pre-CCL a week before the tournament!)

Grade 5 Co-Champions =  Yutong ‘Elton’ Cao, Evan Huang, Dominic Mayhew, Ethan Ferkins

Grade 6 Champion = Vincent Baker

Grade 7 Champion = Luke Xie

Grade 8 Champion = Anagh Kulkarni

Grade 9 Co-Champions = Jasen Lai, Kian Souayvixay, Viktor Lim, Akul Rajan

Complete tournament results are posted at

My favorite pictures from the tournament are of our 2nd grade participants.  The first one shows 2nd grade level champion Ethan Fang, shining like a bright light overrun by a mass of older and larger humanity.  Ethan is showing me that he has 4 points after the 4th round.  In the 2nd picture, clear 2nd place finisher Joseph Winkler tries to figure out a way to hold both his individual and team trophies.








Below are the pictures for the grade levels:

Luke Xie ties state record at the 2014 Grade Levels

Luke Xie tied the Ohio Grade Level Championship record by winning his 7th grade level championship, and Luke just did this in 7th grade! He tied the record that was solely held by Jonathan Hilton. This was a record that no one has come close to in the past. An amazing feat by USCF Expert, Lukie Dukie. He is expected to break the record next year at the 2015 Grade Level Championships.

Luke Xie -- 7 time  grade level champion
Luke Xie — 7 time
grade level champion