Welcome to CCL

We are:

  • a truly individualized approach to chess instruction
  • specializing, but not limited to, the advanced chess student
  • all coaches have earned at least a national Master’s ranking, many with International titles
  • the home of the top young chess talent in Ohio
  • where improvement is about more than just becoming a better chess player
  • over the board locations are in the Columbus and Cincinnati areas
  • Internet lessons provided around the globe, primarily by our sister group Online Chess Lessons
  • Math, Piano, and other prodigious activities are now a permanent part of CCL.  This area is being led by Harvey Friedman, one of the top mathematicians and prodigies of our time.  Click on ChessMath & Strategic Piano for more details.
  • Restructured Pre-CCL program.  Please click on Pre-CCL for more details.

All of the coaches in this program work together. Often a student works with multiple coaches simultaneously. This is a team effort, where our motto is, “The kid always comes first.” I believe that our work is of value and all of our services are totally guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with any of our services, there is no cost. Take your time and click on all of the sections on the left. If there is anything that we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. The legal name of CCL is ‘Columbus Chess Lessons LLC’ as Columbus, Ohio is our city of origin.

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Goran’s Group is also offering high level Internet based chess instruction to adults.

Latest News

Cleveland Open, Walker Griggs ties for 1st in the Open while Vincent Baker ties for 1st in U-2100 section

o   Walker beat IM Calvin Blocker in the last round to tie for first and take home $633.  This brought Walker’s rating up to the very respectable 2348.  Hopefully Walker will make it to the Ohio Chess Congress to win another State Championship for CCL.

o   The Bakers, Vincent and Victoria, had a field day at the tournament.  Vincent earned $457 for his 1st place tie in the U-2100, Victoria earned $200 for her 2nd place finish in the U-1200 and they won the Mixed Doubles Teams to take home another $600.  In total bringing home $1,257.  Vincent is now within striking range to qualify for the 2015 World Youth Championships.  He will probably need to gain 100 rating points in about the next 8 months.

o   Also in the prize money was John Xiang, taking home $200 for a share of the U-1600 class prize, in the U-1800 section

o   Complete results can be seen at http://chessevents.com/clevelandopen/

o   Members of this weeks 25 club are:

  • Alan Zhang          +116      1181       Sunday in the Park
  • Vincent Baker    +105      1950       Cleveland Open
  • John Xiang          +104      1697       Cleveland Open
  • Om Borkar          +74         1721       Cleveland Open
  • Victoria Baker    +65         1160       Cleveland Open
  • Jason Wang        +47         1944       Cleveland Open
  • Evan Huang        +43         1696       Cleveland Open